Changes in Closing Timeline

DollarsFall is here. Leaves and wardrobes are starting to change and closings are too. New rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, going into effect October 3rd, will change your closing timeline. These changes are happening on the federal level, not just in Texas.

Know Before You Owe

Two forms, the Truth in Lending Disclosure and the Good Faith Estimate, that every current home owner is familiar with will be replaced. The Loan Estimate will replace the Good Faith Estimate and initial Truth in Lending disclosure and must be given within 3 days after receipt of the loan application.

The Closing Disclosure replaces the HUD-1 and final Truth in Lending Disclosure and must be given to home buyers 3 business days before the closing. For example, if the closing is on a Friday, the borrower will need to have the Closing disclosure by Tuesday.

A business day is considered every calendar day except Sundays and 10 specific public holidays. With a few exceptions, changes can be made to the Closing Disclosure without triggering another 3-day mandatory timeline prior to closing.

New rules do not apply if a loan application is submitted prior to October 3rd.

Closing Timeline now 45 days

Lenders and title companies cannot implement the new forms into their business practices until they are mandatory on October 3rd. Like any change, the beginning may be a little bumpy when the new deadlines take affect. In order to keep closings on track and avoid delays, it has been encouraged that buyers and sellers allow for a 45 day closing timeline. Contracts will be written with closing dates 45 days out instead of the standard 30 days we are accustomed to in Texas. Remember, closings are set to happen on or before to date in the contract, so if everyone is in compliance with the mandatory timelines we may be able to move the date up and close sooner. For now though, after October 3rd, closing timelines will be 45 days with few exceptions.  The changes are directed toward the lender and mortgage timeline.  Cash buyers would be an exception along with a few other specific loan programs.