A holiday season like never before

Like most of the world, Austin is preparing to celebrate the holidays like never before. For some, that means drive-thru events and virtual get-togethers. For others, it is beginning to look a lot like an early Christmas as trees are already coming out of storage and being decorated, It’s “Festivus for the rest of us”, as the late great Jerry Stiller gifted us in that memorable Seinfeld episode. That grievance pole is certainly coming out this year for sure, as everyone has a bone to pick with the year 2020.

The holiday season may mean adding a new home to that Christmas wish list as

Austin Real Estate Market Trends are showing

The holiday season for real estate in the greater Austin area will be just as busy as last month or any other month this year. Nationally the real estate sector, in general, seems to be the only area immune to COVID-19. People are moving for a host of reasons right now, some are normal like employment opportunities, or to take advantage of lower interest rates. Others are spending more time at home and finding new reasons to move. They are looking around and either finding things wrong with their current living environment, which is causing a desire to make updates, or find a home that is a better fit for the new normal.

Much like our clothes, our homes aren’t fitting us anymore, as buyers are not only moving to Austin but within Central Texas too

The ‘better fit’ a buyer is looking for is functional space. It is not necessarily about the layout of a home. Usable space can be segmented or incorporated into an open floor plan. They both work in today’s market if space can be optimally utilized by the buyer. Where is the new Peloton going? Is there space for an extra desk? Will the backyard work as an additional living or dining space? These are the questions home buyers are asking themselves now when they are looking at homes. Lifestyles changed overnight, and not every home space could easily adapt to them.

The Future of Austin Real Estate – Hindsight is almost 2020

As the Festivus grievance pole comes out because the new desk is taking up space where the Christmas tree normally goes, remember time will move forward as it always does. The holidays will still happen even if they look different, buyers will find the right homes even if they take longer to find and 2020 will ultimately come to an end.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving