A Game of Thrones

In today’s Austin real estate market it is not unusual for multiple offers to be placed on a property hours after it has been listed.  A house becomes ‘hot’ when buyers feel that the condition, price and location are in ideal alignment.  Buyers in multiple offer situations tend to be educated in terms of the current inventory that meets their criteria and are able to identify a new to market home as having more appeal than the others. So, time is of the essence to act quickly and submit an offer.

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Hot houses tend to sell for list or very close because multiple buyers are driven to what they are getting at the asking price.  To them it’s worth list price and oh yes, sometimes even more than list price.  My clients can be very competitive and since buying a house is typically more emotional than one may realize – it is my job keep it rational.  This isn’t about winning.

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Yes, your home is your castle.  Finding the right one is important, but it is not a game of thrones.  There are times when my clients lose sight of this.   Before it becomes your home, a house is a product you wish to purchase with the bank’s permission and the underwriter’s blessing. At the end of the day, the appraiser decides what the house is worth – not the seller, buyer, lender or me.

So, put the sword away and don’t dual until you plan to eat roman noodles every night.    Not every house is going to be a deal in that a Seller may not be willing to negotiate off of list price. Asking price may actually be a deal especially if offers start coming in quickly.   Paying list price makes sense when compared it to everything else out there, the house in question is superior to everything else you have seen.   If that is the situation – go for it, otherwise somebody else will, but make the decision based on what it’s worth to you and not about slaying the other offers.