Movin’ On Out

Last weekend, I went to Brenham, Texas for the first time to attend the wedding of a former client and now friend.   She will be sharing her first home with her wonderful new husband.  I have a few clients having babies right now, and it is an honor to watch their families grow and homes be filled with joy.

No, I don’t sell houses in Brenham.  The furthest I’ll go east is Elgin, but I did find myself in Jonestown, Buckingham Estates, Sunset Valley, and Rob Roy last week.  Where’s that plane?  Maybe I’ll just settle for helicopter, then I could do roof inspections at the same time.

I also, helped someone move last week.  Let’s talk about moving.  I promise you have 3 times more than you think.  When you pack, it’s like adding water to a sponge.  It grows. Take vases for example.  In your cabinet, they take up 4 cubic feet.    When you wrap them in newspaper and pack them, they now take up 8 cubic feet.  They only things you own, that really don’t expand when packing are linens.

So here’s my advice.  Purge first.  If you haven’t finished that project in 3 years, you probably won’t.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t, unless it’s a special occasion outfit.  Oh – and if you still haven’t opened it, just bring it to Good Will.  Think about it, just because you are moving to a new house – doesn’t mean you are going to wear it, use it or even open it.

Also, it will take you 3 times longer to move, and 12 more car loads that you think.  I always recommend you hire a mover.  They really do take the stress off at the end of the day when you are out of steam from packing.  You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your new home, spend the extra $500 on movers. Get grandma’s desk delivered in tact, instead of loading it in the back of Uncle Harry’s pick-up truck praying it will get there in one piece, and hating on him when it doesn’t.