78704 Finds

1908 Glencliff Drive, Austin 78704

1908 Glencliff Drive 78704

Lately, I have been spending my time in Central Austin specifically Barton Hills and other areas within the 78704 zip code.  Conditions have varied with some needing a little love, like maybe new paint colors, while others need some major updating.

Homes in need of remodeling can be found in all price points. When you are purchasing a home that is considered ‘dated’, it is best to know what your intended use is for it. For example, if you are looking to just lease the house out, freshening up the paint and re-carpeting may be all you need to do to make it ready for a tenant. If your plans are live in the house, understand that many of the upgrades you will add are for you. They may depreciate over time and not all buyers will appreciate what you have done. When the plan is to remodel a home to flip it, budget is key. Sticking to a budget which should include a miscellaneous fund for unexpected work will keep you from buying yourself right out of the neighborhood.

Here are some houses I have seen in the past week. Doreen’s picks of the week Again, how much work they need, if any, will depend on the buyer’s intended use.

1908 Glencliff (see link above) was designed by James D. Pfluger. It is a work of art with great bones and over an acre of land on the cliff of the Barton Creek Greenbelt, about 200′ upstream from Camel’s Hole. It has privacy and a view, but the view could be better if someone cleaned up the brush and trees and perhaps redesigned the overhang on the back decks. The house has tons of possibilities. Many of the surrounding homes have been completely rebuilt and updated.

One note about investment properties. Leases are on the rise, because properties for lease are in short supply. There are many people who cannot qualify for a loan these days, so they need to lease. There are some people of course that prefer to lease, but with the addition of people that now do not have a choice – the demand is very high. So, if you are thinking about purchasing an investment property – now may be the time. Remember, investment properties also come in all price points. They require 20% down and rates right now hovering around 5% and under.