Spring into the Austin Real Estate Market

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Spring is here. What the calendar says at the time you are reading this is irrelevant if you are planning to move. For those wanting to spring into the Austin real estate market to buy or sell – act like it’s already here because trust me when I say April will turn into August in about a minute.

To be clear, we have been in a seller’s market for years. I have no crystal ball to indicate that is going to change. In the end, spring makes people happy and shopping often does too.

Why the Austin real estate spring season might be the perfect time to buy or sell a home and make your move.

  • The weather is nice, the yards look green, and the flowers are blooming. 
  • The end of the school year is often a good time to move either because kiddos may be switching schools, or simply because there is more time to manage a move.
  • Typically fresh inventory and more homes hit the market coming out of the winter
  • We also turn the clocks back giving buyers more sunshine in the evening to view homes during the week. 

Love is in the air. How shopping for a home and buying one is kind of like dating

For some, feeling good equates to shopping and there’s no bigger purchase than a home. Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but love is in the air. Buying a home is kind of like dating. Buyers find their dream home and fall quickly in love. Then they fall off cloud 9 after the inspection report, go their separate ways, or fall back in like. After some reflection, conversation, and maybe more shopping, buyers find themselves in love once again.

Austin’s weather is weird, making it hard to catch the spring home-buying bug in the Austin real estate market

The wild west of a real estate market last year turned into a desert last summer as Mother Nature turned up the heat.  We had a short spring and a very long hot summer even for Texas.  How many people delayed a buy or sell because of the heat is anyone’s guess.  Again, if April becomes August that’s okay. People buy houses and move all year long, but bugs come out in the spring. If you want to catch the buying bug as a buyer or seller, let’s start the conversation. Everything takes three times longer than you think it will and spring only lasts so long.