Money Doesn’t Buy Everything

I previewed a $3.5 million dollar home on Friday, in Tarrytown. I have several clients looking in Tarrytown, of which, this particular house turned out not to be a match for any of them. Not all of them are necessary looking in that price point, but I have clients who tell me all of time, if they could afford more; they would find the right house. More often than not, that is very far from the truth.

Even when I custom built a home, it still didn’t turn out to be perfect, for me. I always look at homes through my clients’ eyes. Even at $3.5 million, I walked around that home thinking, that’s not Shellie’s kitchen and that’s not the Smith’s family pool. Even at $3.5 million I couldn’t say that house was a good fit for any my clients. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was a great house, with an amazing view of the lake. Homes need to be functional in different ways, for different people. It just wasn’t going to work with my clients’ lifestyles.

Having more money to spend on a house isn’t going to necessarily buy you a home that’s a perfect fit. You can find a house at any price point that is a perfect fit for you. Money doesn’t buy ‘perfect’, because perfection really doesn’t have a price.

I support local Austin; after all I think it’s only neighborly.