Have you ever been on your way home and come across a detour sign?   All you have to do is follow the arrows and eventually you will make it home – right?  Yet suddenly, you feel dazed and confused and for a milli-second you think – where do I go now?
The feeling you get when seeing the detour sign, is no different then being in a house with a bad floor plan.  Poorly designed homes come in all shapes, sizes and price points.  I was in several of them last week in Rob Roy, Allandale and Wells Branch.  
You don’t always know right away when you are in a bad floor plan.  At some point common sense kicks in and your brain anticipates what room should come next – and when it doesn’t, you instantly feel lost.  It’s kind of like seeing that detour sign.  Your natural driving habit is to follow the path of least resistance.  Your natural living habit is to do the same.  Noone should need to walk from the kitchen through the living room – to get to the dining room table.
Paint, furniture and floor plans all evoke a mood within you.  Poor floor plans will sell, just like homes with purple walls and orange carpet, but they will stay on the market longer, and as a result will sell for less money because they are not going to appeal to the masses.  If you are feeling lost when touring a house….it is not going to be your home.