It’s $3,000 carpet – not a $3 lipstick

Home Colors vs. Personal Colors

Pantone has announced its color for 2011.  It’s Honeysuckle and you will see it everywhere. Here in Austin, I have seen great color schemes in homes, and of course, I have seen some poor choices.   Home color choices are not like clothing and makeup. With personal color choices you are working with individual skin tone.   Different colors and hues will complement your natural beauty.  Different colors enhance different people.  Personal color choices are also very temporary.

House colors are different, because they tend to be more universal in appeal.   If you are selling your home, the color scheme needs to appeal to the masses.   House colors affect our inner senses.   When done right, they inspire and relax.   When done wrong, they can enhance stress levels or depress you.   Choosing a color can be a long term commitment and investment, so neutral colors span the test of time.

Color your Home Happy

So, what are the rules for coloring your home?   The #1 rule is the simplest to follow – pick your palette from nature.   Green is a very soothing color to the eye.  It is relaxing.   That’s why actors are placed in ‘green rooms’, before they take the stage on a talk show.   A soft yellow is another great color to incorporate into a home. It is bright and cheerful.  Follow an Autumnal color palette, which appeals to all.  Think of browns and greens with touches of gold, yellow and red.

Buyers want a Blank Canvas

Can you use a bold color in your home? Sure, but use it sparingly.  It is often best to test a color, with a bedspread, pillows or even artwork.  See if you can ‘live’ with it, before committing to it with a slightly more permanent fixture.  Understand if you do plan to go with the honeysuckle carpet, be prepared to change it to a more neutral color before selling your home.  It will be hard for most buyers to see past the color and many will not want the task of re-carpeting after the purchase.  Bold color choices not only affect time on the market, but may affect your sales price as well.

4 thoughts on “It’s $3,000 carpet – not a $3 lipstick

  1. This is so true. I don’t know how many times I have shown a home only for a buyer to turned off due to the colors on the wall. I remind them that paint colors are easliy changed but most buyers prefer to just move in and not have to spend the time and money to change the wall colors. Going neutral is the best for mass appeal to buyers.

  2. It’s surprising how much money buyers think painters charge. If you have bold colors and don’t want to change them, consider having a bid from a painter handy and offer potential buyers a contribution towards closing costs in the amount of the bid. That won’t work for buyers without vision – but it couldn’t hurt 😉

  3. yeah its hard to be an individual with your home then try to sell it down the road – what’s gorgeous lipstick on you may not be on the next – I always say live the way you want to live but be prepared to change it.

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