About Condominium Regimes

Austin, TX…The MLS has changed the way it labels single detached homes that are in some sort of condominium regime. The new ownership type includes the word ‘common’ or ‘fee-simple’ after the word ‘house’. These ‘houses’ were once labeled ‘Condo Detached’.

Common is defined as condos or houses where ownership of some or all of the land is shared between the owners.

Fee Simple is defined as properties that the land is owned individually such as a single family house, or townhomes on separate lots, or 1/2 duplexes where the land has been sub-divided.

Again, because these ‘condos’ are now labeled ‘houses’, you may see some come up in your house search, and will typically mean that they have some sort of common area.

I support local Austin; after all I think it’s only neighborly.