Safety First – for Buyers

As the year comes to a close, I thought I would take a minute to point out some safety tips for Buyers:

#1 – When you are going to an open house, act as you would if you were going to a store – lock your car door, even if you plan to be in the house for a minute

#2 – If you are looking at a house do not go into a backyard without your agent present.  Without you agent – this is called trespassing.  Additional concerns are letting an animal out that may be confined to a backyard, or getting bit by one.

#3 – If you are at a house and you find the front door to be unlocked.  Do not enter – wait for your agent.  Again, this is trespassing, not to mention, there may be safety concerns your agent is away of, which you may not be.

#4- If you are looking at homes that may need remodeling, where the condition is questionable – leave your high heels home.  Many times, there is nothing more than sub-flooring in these houses, and getting your $400 pumps caught in the floorboards is no fun.We all like to think the world is a safe place.  The truth is it can be a safer place if we all just take some precautions.